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As a PB your business will be listed on our Member Perks Program page for our members and potential members to reference. We will support you and share your events, information, and highlights with our Best of Clayton County community along with providing a referral service when applicable.


There is a $4.99 per month business onboarding and monthly maintenance fee to participate as a business owner. You may cancel this service at any time. Your BCC Storefront Decal or BCC Table Tent are included at no charge with your monthly subscription. 

There are two stipulations to participate as a business:

  • You honor a 15% minimum bonus on total services rendered (OR other consistent Perk with approval) to Best of Clayton County members. Each member will have a BCC Photo ID membership card that includes an expiration date.

  • Logo Display. Our BCC Storefront Decal or BCC Table Tent allows BCC members to recognize you as a BCC participating business in an offline setting. Whether you are a storefront or a mobile vendor, we want our members to be able to point you out and find you in a crowd.


You can also add our logo to the bottom of any websites that you might have.

Additional Q&A: Here

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