Clayton County Georgia

  • Our PerkBCC Business Owners provide a 15% loyalty discount to our PerkBCC VIP Photo ID Card holders on total services rendered up to $15 dollars (OR another consistent Perk) This loyalty discount or other consistent perk only applies to members with a VIP Photo ID membership card that includes an expiration date. This is the loyalty portion of our PerkBCC Business Directory. 

  • Show your PerkBCC Team pride by displaying this cool PerkBCC Team Business Directory Framed Poster in your place of business. This framed poster is printed on thick, durable, matte paper. The matte black frame that's made from wood from renewable forests adds an extra touch of class.


Benefits to Joining Our Team

  • We do not compete against one another. This is because there is no duplication by service or product provided if mobile. And there is no duplication by city in Clayton County if you are a storefront. 

  • Our PerkBCC Business Directory is geared specifically for Clayton County Residents. Every resident in Clayton County will know exactly where to go to find anything and everything that they need. 

  • We are a great team of business owners that also often network and utilize the services of each other. 

  • As a PerkBCC Business Directory Team Member, you also enjoy a 15% discount off of all of the services that The Best of Clayton County provides.

It's Easy to Join

To secure your spot on our PerkBCC Business Directory for Clayton County, GA, your business investment is $120 for a 12 month period. 


What's the catch? The catch is that our PerkBCC Business Directory Program is designed to show the residents of Clayton County that they do not have to go outside of Clayton County for products, services, or play. As The Best of Clayton County, we take pride in servicing Clayton County, GA. (Purchase a Resident VIP Photo ID Loyalty Card here.)


So yes, we've priced our PerkBCC Business Directory at a very affordable price. Our VIP resident loyalty card membership is also very affordably priced at the same amount. Again with the goal of Clayton County residents using this loyalty program to shop with you, our PerkBCC Team, again and again.  You may cancel this service at any time and your membership will not renew the following year. 

A couple notes before completing the form to join:

  • You must sign into or log on to our site before the form will submit. If you have not done so already, please do so here. 

  • A radio button for your product or service must be chosen for the form to submit. If you do not see your product or service, we may already have a team member for that product or service. You are welcome to email us at to double check. 

  • Do NOT use the Other-BCC radio button option unless specifically instructed to do so after receiving confirmation through email.

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