Business Owners

How do I sign on to participate?

Slots are limited. Please complete the Business Owners Form . If your business option is not listed, your business option may already have a team member for that category. Feel free to contact us to confirm.

How do I pay for the PerkBCC Directory participation?

Once you click the submit form on the form, you should be taken to the payment checkout. 

I have two businesses/brands. Do I have to pay the $59.95  Service Fee twice?

Yes, you will have to submit the Business Owners Plan twice so that you are billed per business/ brand. Here is why our directory is different. There is no duplication by city if you are a storefront and no duplication for the whole Clayton County if you are mobile. Once you have a spot, you keep the spot for as long as you are a member.  

What if I decide that I no longer want to participate in the PerkBCC Program?

Simply cancel anytime by sending us an email at Your plan will not renew the following year. When your paid term has expired, we will remove you from our platform. Please rejoin if circumstances change and if your slot is still vacant. 

I have a question that is not listed here. How can I get additional help?

Please click on this link: Contact Us

How do I get my free storefront decal or table tent?

You can pick up your free decal or table tent at any one of our meetups here. You can also pick them up at our office during office hours.

Does a VIP Photo ID Card come included when I sign on as a partnering business owner? 

A VIP card does not come included. We have three options if you are interested in a VIP Card. Please visit our Plans and Pricing to purchase a VIP membership.

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