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Our Story

We are proud residents of Clayton County and we know that Clayton County is a great place to live and grow. This is how The Best of Clayton County was born.

We started as a Facebook Page. Our Facebook page is where you will find awesome events and highlights of excellence in Clayton County. We highlight the positive, fun, and entertaining elements of Clayton County. These highlights range from your neighbors, family friendly events, nightlife, and educational activities. If you have not done so already, please take a moment to “Like” our Facebook page.

Another area that is dear to our hearts is our local businesses. We support our local business owners and contribute to our community through our #PerkBCC Shop Local program.

The cost to be a PerkBCC member is as little as $0.17 cents per day. We offer great perks to you from our local partnering businesses and also special member-only perks to you for a variety of awesome events in the area. Shop local, eat local, drink local, and be merry local.


If you like what we do, support us by purchasing a membership today. Share our posts on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, view our partnering business owners on Instagram.

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The Best of Clayton County